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About Us

The world is rapidly changing. Our lives are more connected than ever before - the shift from personal computers to connected homes has changed the way we live and interact with one another. Now, even the lines between work and home have been blurred as people across the country have shifted to the new normal of work-from-home. We have near infinite data at our fingertips, however, this power has also brought with it fundamental changes to our privacy and security.

That's why we created Syfer.

Syfer partners with companies to provide comprehensive yet simple tools to secure the internet for homes and small businesses. No one expects you to filter water when it comes from the tap, why should you be expected to filter out the internet contaminants?

The internet is Safer with Syfer.

The Syfer Difference

Customer Focused
Cost Effective
Cutting Edge


Araz Feyzi  
Co-Founder & CEO

Roshan Daneshvaran
Co-Founder & CTO

Sean Gearin
Head of Operations

Sasan Hashemi
VP of Architecture

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